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Southern Oregon University



william long 

Name: William Long

Position: Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Pro Tip: Love serving others!

OP Coordinator since Spring 2014


Rayna Hagie 

Name: Rayna Hagie

Position: Outdoor Programs Student Coordinator

Pro Tip: Get outside enough that you know the phases of the moon.

OP Student Coordinator since Spring 2014





Rose A

Name: Rose Averbeck

Position: Marketing manager and Rock gym supervisor

Pro Tip: Never stop going outside and playing

Working for the OP since fall 2013


Daniel C

Name: Daniel Collay

Position: Gear Manager

Pro Tip: Diversify your outdoor portfolio. Don't be afraid to try new things

Working for the OP since Fall 2012


Granados OP Staff Bio Pic 1

Name: Nathan Granados

Position: Mountain Bike Manager

Pro Tip: Pedal more, brake less!

Working for the OP since Winter 2012

Emily M


Name: Emily Miller

Position: Women's Outreach Coordinator

Pro Tip: Don't forget to slow down, breathe, and take it all in!

Working for the OP since Fall 2013

Althea S


Name: Althea Sullivan

Position: Whitewater Program Director

Pro Tip: We are all between swims, keep your river shoes clean!

Working for OP since Fall 2011



Name: Topher Timzen

Position: Hiking and Backpacking Program Director / Outdoor Programs Webmaster

Pro Tip: Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain; pack light but efficient... 

Working for OP since Spring 2011




zack green

Name: Zack Green

Position: Outdoor Programs Coordinator

 Retired Winter 2014 to take a job in Boone, NC! 

Tyler M


Name: Tyler McFarlane

Position: Program Gear Manager

Past Position: Stewardship Program Director

Pro Tip: Don't put twinkies on your pizza.




Alex A


Name: Alex Angstadt

Position: Marketing Manager

Pro Tip: There are no bad days, just bad equipment... and bad attitudes!


Keenan H


 Name: Keenan Huschke

Position: Outdoor Programs Student Coordinator

Pro Tip: I try and drink a ton of water before I surf, that way you can pee in your wetsuit to warm up. I would highly recommend you try this when you surf in the frigid pacific northwest. 

Sara K

Name: Sara-Kate Parker

Position: Rockin' Intern

What she likes best about the OP: I love working with these crazy kids!


Mandy T

Name: Mandy Twitchell

Position: General  Office Staff

What she likes best about the OP: I'm stoked to be a part of something that advocates positive attitudes, personal motivation, & better living!


David W

Name: David Westley

Position: General Office Staff

What he likes best about the OP:  One of the best things about the OP is we're all friends here, even if we haven't met before. We're all friends.


 Brandon W

Name: Brandon Worthington 

Position: Climbing Program Director

Pro Tip: Find a good crack and set your nuts real hard!