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Southern Oregon University

October 2011

Dear Campus Community:  

Two years ago, we established a 5-year plan: “Building the New SOU: Strategic Plan for Distinction and Sustainability, 2009-2014.”  In each academic year, we have developed goals and initiatives that support the university’s mission as well as the four major goals of the strategic plan. The goals of offices and units in all areas of the university are aligned with our strategic goals, and budget processes reflect our commitments and priorities.

We arrive at annual goals through feedback and input from councils, groups, and individuals across the campus. This fall, members of the Cabinet, Executive Council, and faculty leadership spent a day in retreat to discuss priorities and finalize 2011-2012 goals and initiatives.

In 2010-2011, we established eight annual goals with initiatives and benchmarks attached to each goal. We made excellent progress. However, most of the goals require a multi-year effort, so we have kept many of the same goals for 2011-2012 but have updated and refined the initiatives under each goal.

The following seven institutional goals reflect themes that emerged repeatedly during our planning discussions. Please see Fall 2011 Goals for the initiatives that fall under each annual goal.

SOU's continuing commitments to academic excellence, to diversity, to sustainable practices, to professional development--to all the components that support our role as The Public Liberal Arts University of the West--are reinforced in the 2011-2012 goals. 

In 2012, as we celebrate our 140th anniversary, we will also look ahead ten years to our 150th. We will study what we can and should be as we approach that landmark anniversary ten years from now. I look forward to working with everyone on campus and in our local communities as we envision SOU ten years from now.

I appreciate the interest the campus has shown throughout our planning. We all benefit from having a road map to guide and challenge us. 

I continue to welcome your ideas as we move forward.

Mary Cullinan 

SOU 2011-2012 Institutional Goals

1)      Enhance SOU’s national recognition as The Public Liberal Arts University of the West.

2)      Significantly increase retention and recruitment of diverse, academically proficient students.

3)      Implement and promote a powerful institutional plan that establishes SOU as a leader for diversity in southern Oregon.

4)      Modernize and expand SOU’s buildings and infrastructure.

5)      Increase faculty and staff opportunities for meaningful professional development.

6)      Implement selected renewable energy projects in the Climate Action Plan to ensure that SOU remains a regional leader in sustainable practices.

7)      Support SOU priorities by maintaining financial integrity and significantly increasing fundraising success.


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