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Southern Oregon University

Emergency Phone Numbers: Emergency dial 911, Urgent campus calls: 541-552-6911, Office phone: 541-552-6258The Campus Public Safety Office (CPS) is located at 382 Wightman Street (at the intersection of Wightman and Lee Streets). For phone numbers, email, and a map, please see Contact Us.

The office is responsible for the security of the contiguous campus in Ashland. Professional Campus Public Safety Officers and student agents patrol the campus 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Patrolling all grounds and buildings
  2. Enforcing parking and traffic rules 
  3. Investigating suspicious activities and
  4. Responding to emergencies
  5. Provide on-campus safety escort service by calling 2-6911.

Public Safety Officers are trained in first aid and CPR. All are graduates of the Oregon Police Academy and are authorized to effect arrests if they observe crimes on campus.

University life is normally a positive experience, but a very few students, staff, and faculty at SOU will unfortunately fall victim to some form of crime. As a campus that is open to the public, and with a campus community of approximately 5,000 persons, occasionally some problems will arise. This website introduces you to the Campus Public Safety Department. It will acquaint you with safety awareness, thereby helping you prevent problems before they occur. It also provides information about what to do if problems do occur.

 There are positive things you can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of personal or property crimes. Personal and Property Safety

Bike registration is handled through the City of Ashland. It's free, easy and an important deterant to possible bike theft.  Your bikes serial number is most likely under the frame or along the front post. Use this link to begin: