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Southern Oregon University

On 04/11/14 at 2339 hours, a concerned parent reported that her daughter was having suicidal thoughts and not answering her phone. APD and CPS entered the family housing unit and found the female passed out from alcohol and prescription drugs. She was transported to ACH by AFR.

On 04/12/14 at 0007 hours, it was reported that a student was passed out in the dorms from alcohol. AFR transported the student to ACH and APD cited the student for MIP alcohol.

On 041214 at 0930 hours, a CPS Officer responded to a report of bike theft in at 7-11. I alerted APD and we located the suspect under the East Main St. over pass at I-5 and was arrested for Theft II and taken to Jackson County Jail.

On 041214 at 1130 hours, a CPS Officer informed two people with dogs not to be on the intermural field, and noticed a section of fence had been unbolted and created an opening. A quick repair was attempted until FM&P could assess and repair the damage.

On 04/12/14 at 2104 hours, property confiscated by housing staff was turned into CPS.

On 041314 at 0530 hours, a CPS Officer observed the third floor fire escape door of Suzanne Homes propped open. While walking through the third floor he observed damage to one of the walls.

On 041314 a visitor reported her phone was stolen from the rest room in McNeal Hall on 041214.

On 04/14/14 at 2230hrs while locking the Music building I found a phone. It is not a match to the one missing from McNeal earlier.

On 04/16/14 at 1130 hours, while helping parking with booting a vehicle the owner arrived on scene. The student owner was irate and refused to present ID.

On 04/16/14 at 2207 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Shasta. The room was contacted and one occupant was cited for PCS less than an ounce of marijuana.

On 04/17/14 at 1918 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of a theft from Marion Ady. The victim said she had a tool box with art supplies in it stolen between 04/04/14 and 04/16/14.