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Southern Oregon University

On 05/20/14 at 0830 hours an Officer noticed a parking sign was stolen from one of the poles in lot 21. The sign was then replaced by CPS.

On 05/22/14 at 1020 hours an Officer issued a student a trespass notice per student conduct.

On 05/27/14 at 0937 hours it was reported that somebody accessed the top of the overhang cover on the west side of Forest Hall.

On 05/27/14 at 1850 hours, an Officer was dispatched to a report of a possible sexual assault and to meet the complainant near McNeal and McLoughlin. APD and CPS met with the complainant.

On 05/28/14 at 2101 hours, it was reported that a fire alarm was going off in McLoughlin Hall. The alarm was determined to be set off due to some type of smoke in the bathroom.

On 05/29/14 at 1500 hours an Officer took the found property to lock shop. 

On 05/29/14 at 1410 hours a possible harassment involving two students was reported. No evidence of harassment was found and parties had agreed to not talk anymore.

 On 05/29/14 at 1426 hours property was turned over to CPS for safe keeping due to suicidal thoughts.

On 053014 at 0520 hours, an Officer noticed scratch marks on the front bumper on the passenger side of vehicle 238441.

On 5/26/14 at approximately 1200 hours, an Officer discovered that a “service and delivery” parking sign had been taken from a pole in lot 29b. The sign was later replaced on 5/27/14.

On 053014 at 1355 hours, Officers and Students viewed an errant van in the crosswalk and were alarmed because of the van driving over the curb. The van pulled thru the 7/11 parking lot and came to rest against the neighboring building. Two Officers contacted the vehicle and waited with it until APD could arrive and assess the situation. The driver was cited for Careless Driving.

 On 053014 at 1430 hours, an Officer was dispatched to Hawk dining for a medical assist

On 05/29/14 at 2023 hours it was reported that a bike had been stolen from the McNeal bike rack near the Outdoor Program office. No serial number was available at the time of reporting.

On 053114 at 1150 hours, a student reported his mountain bike was stolen between 052914 at 2200 hours and 053114 at 1130 hours. The victim did not have the serial number or a picture of the bike.

On 05/31/14 at 2300hrs while on vehicle patrol, an Officer observed a subject drinking a beer at the corner of Bridge and Siskiyou and when they finished they put the bottle in the bushes next to the Mihama sign.  The Officer made contact with the subject and cited her for Scattering Rubbish.

On 05/31/14 at 2347hrs it was reported that a theft had been attempted at the Landing of Hawk Dining.  The subject was warned for Theft.

On 06/01/14 at 0042hrs while on foot patrol at Greensprings, Officers saw subjects on the 5th floor balcony.  The subjects were contacted and two of the subjects were cited for PCS less than an ounce of marijuana and two of the subjects were cited for MIP alcohol.  One subject was trespassed from all residence halls.

On 06/02/14 at 0045hrs it was reported that there was suspicious activity at Cascade.  Numerous doors were found unlocked or ajar.

On 06/02/14 at 1200 hours a cell phone was turned in to CPS as found property.

On 06/02/14 at 2205 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of a strong odor of marijuana coming from a room in Shasta Hall. One subject was cited for PCS less than an ounce of marijuana.

On 06/04/14 at 0715 it was reported that some windows were broken at Forest Hall.  Upon further investigation it was found that somebody used a pallet to gain access to the roof as well.

On 06/04/14 at 1015 hours a child’s bike was found on the front lawn at the CPS building and taken down to APD.

On 06/04/14 at 1430 hours it was reported that an individual was at the library that had been looking at inappropriate material on library computers.  The subject was trespassed from SOU property.

On 06/04/14 at 1700 hours, an Officer was contacted by a subject who found a Debit card in the parking lot of Family Housing. The Debit card company was contacted and advised to contact the owner.

On 06/05/14 at 1445 hours a student arrived at the CPS office to report harassment from another student.