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Southern Oregon University

The Advanced Southern Credit Program (ASC) consists of university courses taught in the high schools by high school faculty. The high school instructor and course curriculum have been accepted as meeting the standards for university credit by the appropriate academic department and school at Southern Oregon University. The courses are offered as part of the regular high school curriculum; students have the option of registering for Southern Oregon University credit. Credits earned in ASC courses are standard university credits and are transcripted by the SOU Enrollment Service Center.

ASC success is evidenced by a continuing commitment to the program by the university and the high schools, by requests for expansion into a variety of disciplines, by the academic success of students involved in ASC courses, and by a high level of satisfaction expressed by students, faculty and administrators.

2013-14 Advanced Southern Credit Brochure and Enrollment Form

ASC Brochure (pdf file)

ASC Enrollment form for Spring 2014 (pdf file)

2013-14 Advanced Southern Credit Student/Parent Handbook

For detailed information about the Advanced Southern Credit program, please see our handbook.

ASC Student/Parent Handbook (pdf-large file)

About the Program


The ASC courses are taught at the individual high schools by high school instructors. Since these courses are "sponsored" by the participating high school, SOU is able to reduce the normal tuition fee by a considerable amount. The tuition for an ASC course is currently $41 per credit hour. Considering that a 2013-14 state funded four-credit undergraduate course's tuition can be over $800, ASC offers substantial savings to the student.


The SOU Division of Continuing Education Pre-College staff with cooperation from participating schools and instructors will administer registrations, tuition payments, processing of submitted grades, course withdrawals/tuition refunds and calendar issues. Any questions related to Advanced Southern Credit Issues should be directed to the High School to College Transition Programs staff. Call 552-6452.