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Southern Oregon University

No student may receive assistance from the Federal Aid Programs or the Oregon Opportunity Grant Program unless the student is formally admitted to Southern Oregon University and maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

You must promptly report in writing to the Financial Aid office any changes in your enrollment, housing, resources or residency status. Such changes could result in a reduction of your award and/or require repayment of financial aid already disbursed to you. As defined by law, you are responsible for repaying any funds you receive which cannot be reasonably attributed to meeting your educational expenses at Southern Oregon University.

Students are responsible for successfully completing the following:

& Post-Bac
Full time 12+ 9+
¾ time 9-11 7-8
½ time 6-8 5-6

Please note:

  1. If awarded aid as a Dependent student, by accepting your aid offer you hereby authorize parent(s) access to financial aid information.
  2. It is against federal law to receive financial aid from more than one institution in the same academic term for any reason.
  3. Courses you audit are not eligible for financial aid.
  4. By accepting your aid offer, you also agree that all current academic year tuition/fees, housing charges, and other college debt (such as, but not limited to, lab fees, health center charges, library fines, and parking fines) will be deducted from your financial aid before any balance will be disbursed to you.

Awards may be adjusted during the year by the Financial Aid office due to inadequate Institutional, State, or Federal funding; or to other unknown factors, such as changes in student attrition or percentage of award acceptance or additional resources received by the student.

To accept these terms and conditions:

     1. Login to MySOU.

     2. Click the “Financial Aid” tab.

     3. Click the “Financial Aid Awards” link in the Financial Aid Awards channel.

     4. Select the appropriate Aid Year if needed and click the Submit button.

     5. Click the “Terms and Conditions” tab.

     6. Review and click the “Accept” button to accept the Terms and Conditions.

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