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Southern Oregon University

The graduate curriculum at SOU offers a wide variety of programs tailored to the needs of our diverse student body.students

Programs in management, education, counseling, and environmental education, to name a few, are geared to developing and enhancing student abilities in their chosen career paths. Students can expect meaningful and up-to-date coursework provided by a well-qualified, caring faculty. Students develop a program of study in consultation with designated advisors, subject to the major school and graduate study requirements.

Explore the graduate programs outlined below to find the program that best suits your career plans:

Each graduate program at SOU is administered by its respective academic division or program. Students seeking information about specific programs should contact the graduate coordinator of the academic program regarding the graduate degree or licensing program. If you have general questions, call the SOU Admissions Office at 541-552-6411.

Graduate Coordinators



Applied Mathematics: Professional Science Master's in Applied Mathematics

 Dr. Kemble Yates


Business: Master in Business Administration

Dr. Mark Siders


Business: Master in Management

Dr. René Ordoñez


Computer Science: Master of Science in Applied Computer Science

Dr. Kevin Sahr


Education: MA/MS in Education (MEd)

Dr. Roni Adams


Education: Master of Arts in Teaching

Dr. Amy Belcastro


Dr. John King


Education: MA/MS in Education, Special Education

Dr. Gregg Gassman


Environmental Education: Master of Science in Environmental Education

Dr. Stewart Janes


Foreign Languages: Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching

 Dr. Anne Connor


Foreign Languages: Master of Arts in French Language Teaching

 Dr. Daniel Morris


Interdisciplinary Studies: MA/MS in Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Garth Pittman


Music: Master of Music Performance

Dr. Rhett Bender


Psychology: MA/MS in Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Douglas Smith


Theatre Arts: Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design

Dr. Eric Levin


Director of Graduate Studies

 Dr. Susan Walsh