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Revolutions have punctuated human history for thousands of years--from the arts to the sciences, from culture, religion, to political institutions.  The meaning of the word can vary from very narrow to very broad depending how and who is defining it. For many, the term revolution often brings up images of political turmoil followed by dramatic change in political structures in a society. Yet even a casual perusal of history shows that political revolution is but one of many revolutions human society has gone through.

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RevolutionPosterSPR20151BSpring Term Campus Theme Poster: Revolution

To help promote a broader understanding of the idea of revolution and how it has shaped human history, we propose REVOLUTION as our campus theme for the academic year 2014 -15.

The theme will explore questions such as:

  •        What is a revolution?
  •        What causes a revolution?
  •        What are some of the major revolutionary changes that have shaped human history?
  •        What revolutions are currently emerging that may significantly impact the future?

As with our previous campus themes, we will explore the theme of revolution from a variety of perspectives. Towards this end, the different disciplines will be invited to take the lead in helping us in our explorations. We will begin with social sciences in the fall, followed by the humanities in winter, and conclude with the natural sciences in the spring.

The aim of the campus theme program is for the campus and our larger community to engage in rigorous intellectual conversations about this important subject, informed by the latest research, scholarship, and insights from a wide variety of perspectives.  

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