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Southern Oregon University

2 story red stone building surrounded by trees and various greenery

Join us for our second campus theme event of Winter term:

The Battle of Hungry Hill:

A Rogue River War Battlefield Lost and Remembered

In 1855, 300 citizen militiamen and soldiers of the US Army were defeated in battle by a much smaller group of Takelma, Shasta, and Cow Creek Native Americans. Southern Oregon University’s research led to the discovery of the battlefield, and we outlines the complex and problematic ways that the battle was recalled in pioneer memoirs, Native American oral tradition, and in historical narratives. Given the defeat suffered at the hands of the Native Americans and that the Native forces were led by a woman—Tyee Mary—the battle did not fit well into traditional narratives of the success of Manifest Destiny and is thus useful for exploring the reality of historical story telling. All campus theme events are free and open to the publc.

Presenters: Dr. Mark Tveskov, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 • 7 pm Meese Room of the Hannon Library

The Center for the Humanities at SOU consolidates the efforts of the departments of art, communication, language, literature, and philosophy, history, music, and theatre to promote the arts and humanities on the SOU campus and in the community.

The Center for the Humanities is the main organizing group for the SOU Campus Theme Activities.

Each year, the Center for the Humanities selects, with the support of other campus groups, a thematic focus for the year and coordinates lectures, courses and other events around that theme.

2015-16 Theme: Campus Theme: Exploring Reality

Previous Themes

2014-15 Revolution

2013-14, Race

2012-13,  Exploring Happiness

2011-12,  Civility

20010-11, On Being Human

2009-10, Tocqueville Imagining America