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Southern Oregon University

At the OLLI Annual Meeting held May 15, 2013, the membership adopted restated OLLI Bylaws. These bylaws were modified on December 2, 2014.

These are governance principles used in restating this document:

  1. OLLI is a membership organization. Its council operates in a transparent manner, giving notice of policy questions coming before it so members may observe and communicate their views.
  2. Members shall have a way to challenge policies adopted by Council, and have a voice in critiquing the instructional program.
  3. Quorums are established for called membership meetings and Council meetings, filling a void in current Bylaws. The option to vote by mail on questions which may come to the membership is added in place of the current proxy clause.
  4. Bylaws are simple and brief. OLLI policy will be contained in an operations manual which Council will adopt and revise as needed, with notice to the membership.

The restated Bylaws reflect the relationship between OLLI and Southern Oregon University through its Division of Continuing Education.

Current Bylaws