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Southern Oregon University

instructor and studentsIf you are new to OLLI, please read this overview. Otherwise, you can go straight to Sign In to pay the membership fee or to register for courses.

You do not need to be an OLLI member to browse course catalog, but only those who have paid the  OLLI membership fee can register for courses.

The OLLI Curriculum

Courses. The curriculum includes a wide variety of topics designed to appeal to many interests. Cur­rently, 85-100 courses are offered in each of three academic quarters. Learning is stress-free; there are no tests or grades. Courses change each term, and include both aca­demic subjects and lighter fare that employ a variety of teaching approaches. Courses can range from two to ten weekly sessions that are generally 90 minutes to two hours in duration. OLLI classrooms feature advanced audiovisual equipment.

Faculty. Knowledgeable instructors from within OLLI and the community volunteer their time and expertise. OLLI members are empowered to recruit instructors for courses in a subject area in which they are interested.

OLLI's Two Registration Periods

Registration for Course Requests: Although there are many courses to choose from each term, demand sometimes exceeds the available space. In the interest of fairness, the first phase of registration lets members request up to three courses in the order of preference.

Please consult the OLLI Calendar for the deadline for Course Requests for the current term.

For general information, download this guide to Getting the Courses You Want [PDF]. For more detailed instructions, click here

Open Registration: Once the registration for course requests period has ended, members are notified of the courses in which they have been enrolled, and then can add an unlimited number of other courses that still have space available. There will be plenty left from which to choose.

Please consult the OLLI Calendar for the date open registration begins in the current term. 

For general information, download this guide to Getting the Courses You Want [PDF]. For more detailed instructions, click here.