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Southern Oregon University

Instructions for signing up for courses online are provided in this section. To register for courses using the manual process, use the Course Request Form [PDF] or contact the OLLI office.

Pay Attention to Dates

IMPORTANT: Please use the instructions that are appropriate for either Priority Registration or Open Registration. The Courses and Sign Up page on our website includes an explanation of the differences between these two periods.

Basically, Priority Registration is a short period prior to the next quarter during which every member has an equal chance of being enrolled in his/her preferred courses. After Priority Registration closes, there will be a brief period in which a computerized lottery is performed and then Open Registration starts. During Open Registration, courses are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

Find out when Priority Registration is scheduled by checking the OLLI Calendar on our website, and be sure to make online course requests or submit printed course requests to the office by the deadline indicated.

How to Register for Courses Online

Registration instructions are provided on each screen on the website once you sign in. For those new to online registration at OLLI, please refer to the instructions provided below. Select the instructions appropriate to which registration period currently applies. We suggest you download and print the PDF version of the instructional guide and have it nearby so

For those new to online registration at OLLI, please refer to these complete instructions:

Click here for Priority Registration Instructions [PDF]

Click here for Open Registration Instructions [PDF]