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Southern Oregon University


Giving 1

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University (OLLI at SOU) welcomes gifts from OLLI members as well as private donors. We appreciate the generosity of OLLI members and friends as we provide lifelong learning opportunities for older Rogue Valley residents and visitors.

 The OLLI Annual Fund

Help keep membership fees low... and program quality high

While annual membership fees cover about half of OLLI’s operating expenses, the Annual Fund provides much-needed supplements such as equipment upgrades, member scholarships, emergency building maintenance, and other worthwhile ways to enrich the program without busting the budget.

Members can choose to contribute to the Annual Fund during the fall enrollment process. There is also an Annual Fund mailing solicitation in late winter. And members can contribute anytime, by personal check, in the OLLI office. (Be sure to write “OLLI Annual Fund” on the memo line.)

No gift is too small, and all members are invited to contribute to the Annual Fund in their own way.

For more information, please visit the Annual Fund page.

The OLLI Legacy Fund

OLLI will thrive... and you'll get the thanks!

The OLLI Legacy Fund is a planned-giving program designed to administer your gift – whether it’s a provision in your will or trust, or a direct cash contribution. The Fund is administered by the Southern Oregon University Foundation (SOUF) as an endowment, so the principal remains intact. A portion of the earnings on the endowment can be used to fund OLLI’s current needs, as part of the annual operating budget approved by the OLLI Council.

The Legacy Fund helps keep OLLI’s membership fees low, and the program rich, diverse and vital for all our members.

Additionally, the Fund helps pay for any necessary projects and improvements, staffing increases, and potential shortages in the Annual Fund. In short, The Legacy Fund helps protect OLLI’s long-term sustainability. When you give to the OLLI Legacy Fund, the tax benefits available to you and your estate are many and varied, depending on the kind and amount of your gift.

But beyond monetary rewards, you will join the elite membership of the OLLI Legacy Society, and your name will earn a permanent place of honor at the Campbell Center. You will also receive the enduring respect and gratitude of all future OLLI members who will reap the benefits of your generosity.

For more information, please visit the Legacy Fund page.

Special Events – Fundraisers

OLLI Goes to the Movies

Coming Attraction Theatres, Inc., or CAT, generously provides to OLLI every year 100 admissions to a current release feature film. They also provide a bag of popcorn and a soda for each guest.

For more information, please visit the Special Events – Fundraisers page.

OLLI Night at ScienceWorks

Several OLLI classes are held at the ScienceWorks Museum, a popular site featuring hands-on scientific learning experiences for kids of all ages. OLLI Night at ScienceWorks is an event where members can socialize with each other over a glass of wine, some light snacks and can enjoy the latest ScienceWorks exhibits and theater presentations.

For more information, please visit the Special Events – Fundraisers page.