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Southern Oregon University

"OLLI has provided opportunities to take courses outside my professional interests, to teach for the first time and to continue to apply my work experience by serving in a leadership capacity. My sense of community has been vastly expanded by the relationships I've developed with fellow members. As a result, retirement is a rich and exciting chapter of my life."

-- Cliff Edwards, former OLLI Council President

In order to register for courses and enjoy full membership benefits during the academic year, it is necessary to enroll as an OLLI member and pay the annual membership fee. This fee provides unlimited course selection, space permitting from among 85-100 courses per quarter, three quarters per year, September through June.

Member Sign Up Process

There are two ways to join: online and manually.

Online Member Sign Up: Click to Sign In and follow the online instructions to access a previously established account or create a new one. Once signed in, visit the Catalog link. Look for the item under “Course Categories” called “Membership, OLLI at SOU.” Click on this item and follow the on-screen directions to add this item to your cart and check out. If you experience difficulty in joining online, please call or visit the OLLI office for assistance.

Manual Member Sign Up: Complete a membership application form it and return it to the OLLI office with payment. 

Fee Assistance

If financial circumstances make the annual membership fee a hardship, OLLI offers a reduced membership fee to a limited number of members. See the Scholarship Fund page for more information.

OLLI at SOU Refund Policy

Dues and fees are not refundable. In a case of extreme hardship, a member can submit to the OLLI Program Manager a confidential request in writing, stating the necessity for the refund. To verify hardship, applicants shall complete an explanatory narrative paragraph describing the specific circumstances for the request. A form for this may be obtained from the Program Manager in the OLLI office.

The OLLI Program Manager and the Council Treasurer will review the completed form for approval. The Program Manager will contact the applicant about the decision. Any refund will be reduced by a processing fee that is charged to OLLI by SOU on every membership.


Everyone has abilities that can be used to keep OLLI the outstanding organization that it is. Members who choose to contribute their expertise to teach a course or to participate on committees or in leadership roles enjoy a particularly rich OLLI experience. Please click here for more information.