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Southern Oregon University

Accelerated Baccalaureate Program

At SOU, we offer a program that is matched by only a few select universities across the country. We offer the opportunity for students to graduate in three years by reducing the course work required for graduation. Would you like to meet someone who is already in the program? Let's meet Chelsea.*

Chelsea graduated 21st in her class of 142 graduating seniors from Southwest High School in Oregon. She had a high school GPA of 3.69 and scored 1250 on her SATs.  Chelsea’s high school course work included AP classes and language courses; she also took extra science and an Honors literature class. She made honorable mention all-conference soccer her senior year and played in the band for three years.

At SOU, Chelsea continues to be involved. She takes the usual full load of 16 credits per term (just like her friends) and plays intramural soccer with a couple of high school buddies and several new girls she has met in college. She has a part-time job and works ten hours per week to help pay for school. She plans to study abroad next year during the fall term and has worked out a schedule of classes with her academic advisor to make sure she will have the courses she needs to graduate in only three years. And like most SOU students, she plans on completing an internship her senior year to help put academic theory into real-world practice.

Chelsea is a girl with a goal. She plans on graduating with a degree in Communication in three years and work for three years before returning to college for her master’s degree. She has a normal course load, a job, a boyfriend, is involved in intramural sports... and has a written contract with SOU that says she can graduate in three years.

Can you relate to Chelsea? Are you a good student? Do you already know what you want to major in in college? If so, then maybe the Acc Bacc is for you. If you qualify for the Acc Bacc program, you could save an entire year and cost of college.

If you start classes at SOU as an Acc Bacc student and then decide it’s not for you, no problem... you become a four-year student like everybody else. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

*Chelsea is a composite of Accelerated Baccalaureate students.