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Southern Oregon University

Winter 2014 Online Course

Workshop/Dramatic Literature/Modernism   January 6 - March 21, 2014

Summer 2014 On-Site Elective Courses -

Experience excellence with one of these 3-credit graduate level courses designed for high school and community college theatre educators. Whether you are part of the ACTS Master of Theatre Studies program or are looking for a stand-alone course, you will come away with practical skills and new ideas to bring back to your school. Courses are taught by Southern Oregon University faculty and professionals from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

July 7-11, 2014
Staging the Musical:  Work with a professional theatre director to develop and/or refine your skills for directing a musical.  Study the director’s role, preproduction planning and the rehearsal process:

July 28 - August 1, 2013

Costume Crafts: Patternmaking Develop the skills and confidence to generate useful patterns from which to make costume pieces for your productions.

Microphone Intensive:  Take a deeper look at microphones and how best to use them: explore mic technique for band/orchestra reinforcement, as well as vocals. Examine the differences between common microphone types and learn the best way to use a particular mic. Master recording set up and techniques, and learn how to create and record your very own sound effect library.

Application Information

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree or permission of the instructor. ACTS Master of Theatre Studies students get first priority. This course may serve as one of the required additional 3-credit courses toward the Master of Theatre Studies degree.

Please see the webpage for the individual courses for fees and registration information.


SOU Faculty Scenic Designer Sean O’Skea will lead a one-week intensive workshop on Scenic Painting at the nationally renowned Cobalt Studios in White Lake, New York. Course dates are June 30 through July 4, 2014.   Though off the SOU campus; this course fulfills ONE of the three elective course requirements for the Master’s program.  See

Students stay on site in the Cobalt House and experience a week-long immersion in scenic painting focused for the theatre educator. 

Please note: in order to receive Southern Oregon University academic credit (including the Theatre Master's Program elective course), all students must register with SOU for the course.   This academic credit option has separate fees due to Southern Oregon University: a transcripting fee of $165.  This is in addition to all fees due to Cobalt Studios for the actual workshop.  For SOU registration and payment information, please contact Emmy Graham (contact information below).