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Southern Oregon University

An online 3-credit graduate-level course designed for high school and community college theatre educators:

Course Description:  TA 508: Modernism is a graduate level on-line course which surveys European and American works of Modern drama.  The coursework will include reading assigned plays and accompanying supportive material, listening (or reading) lectures, developing strong concise analyses of the plays based on the readings and developing a research paper examining an aspect of modern dramatic literature or theatre practice as it impacts dramatic literature.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will become familiar with a wide range of plays associated with the modernist movement in drama
  • Students will become familiar with critical approaches to the aforementioned work.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze modern dramatic works.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply critical ideas to works of drama.

Required Text:

            The Longman Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Drama by Michael Greenwald, Roberto Dario Pomo, Roger Shultz and Anne Marie Welsh.  Pearson Education, 2004.  ISBN: 0-321-10791-8



Eric Levin, SOU theatre arts director of education

Application Information

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree or permission of the instructor.

Note: ACTS Master of Theatre Studies students get first priority. This course may serve as one of the required additional 3-credit courses toward the ACTS Master of Theatre Studies.

Students who are new to Southern Oregon Univeristy and are not returning to or applying for admittance to the graduate program should apply online as non-admitted studentsPrior to going online to the link above; please contact ACTS at the phone or email listed below to obtain the course reference number for this course.

This online process will generate a MySOU account and provide registration instructions.