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Southern Oregon University

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Academic Programs

Learning at SOU goes beyond the classroom into the local community and the world at large. You’ll be encouraged to put into practice the knowledge, skills, and expertise you have acquired in classrooms, labs, and studios.

Through internships, mentor relationships, field study, capstone projects, volunteer work, and civic engagement, you’ll translate learning into meaning. We call it Connected Learning.

It’s built on a broad foundation of knowledge—the liberal arts and sciences. It’s also woven into professional disciplines like business, education, criminology, and computer science. It’s challenging, practical, and creative.

If you want to learn deeply, SOU may be the university for you. Explore our 36 majors and 100 academic programs, and let your imagination run. Consider the possible combinations—chemistry and French, music performance and music business, biology and graphic design. Yes, you can do that at SOU.

You can also study special programs at SOU such as Outdoor Adventure Leadership, the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, and the Accelerated Baccalaureate Program.

Challenge yourself. Learn deeply. Think differently.

Think SOU.

Undergraduate Programs of Study

Anthropology (BA, BS, minor)*
Applied Science in Management (BAS)
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Art (BA, BS, BFA, minor)
Studio Art: Ceramics, Digital Media,
Photography, Painting and Drawing,
Printmaking, Sculpture

Art History (BA, minor)
Biology (BA, BS, minor)
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Science
Ecology, Organismal and Field Biology

Business Administration (BA, BS, minor)*
Hospitality and Tourism Management*
Business - Chemistry
Business - Physics
(BA, BS, minor)

Forensic Chemistry
Pre-health Professions
Communication (BA, BS, minor)*
Communication Studies
Conflict Resolution
Film, Television and Convergent Media
Rhetoric and Reason
Computer Science (BA, BS, minor)*

Criminal Justice (BA, BS, minor)*
Early Childhood Development (BA, BS)
Economics (BA, BS, minor)*
General Economics*
International Economics*
Economics and Finance*
Applied Economics and Public Policy*
Elementary Education (BA, BS, minor)

Emerging Media & Digital Arts (BA, BS, minor)
English and Writing (BA, BS, minor)*
Creative Writing*
English Education*
Literary Studies*
Professional Writing
Special Studies*
Environmental Studies (BS, minor)

Cultural Resource Management
Ecology and Conservation
Land Use Planning
Sustainability and Policy

Watershed Science
Film Techniques (minor)
Financial Mathematics
Foreign Languages and Literature / Language and Culture (BA, minor)*
American Sign Language



Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (minor)
Geography (minor)
Geology (minor)
Health and Physical Education (major)*
Pre-Physical Therapy
History (BA, BS, minor)*
Human Service (BA, BS)††
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA, BS)
International Studies (BA, BS, minor)*
Latin American Studies (minor)
Land Use Planning (minor)
Mathematics* (BA, BS, minor)
Applied Statistics
Mathematics Education
Mathematics-Computer Science

Military Science (minor)
Music (BA, BS, minor)
Elementary General Music
Music Instruction
Music Performance
Music Composition

Musical Theatre

Native American Studies (minor)
Nursing (Oregon Health Sciences University) (BS)
Outdoor Adventure Leadership (BA, BS, minor)
Physics* (BA, BS, minor)
Applied Physics
Engineering Physics
Materials Science
Standard Physics
Physics-Engineering Dual Degree
Political Science (BA, BS, minor)
Psychology (BA, BS, minor)
Shakespeare Studies (minor)
Sociology (BA, BS, minor)*
Theatre Arts (BA, BS, BFA, minor)

Film Techniques
Musical Theatre
Shakespeare Studies
Stage Lighting
Stage Management
Stage Scenery

BA: Bachelor of Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
BAS: Bachelor of Applied Science

* Participates in the three-year Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program
†† Human Service is a degree completion program and requires special admission procedures.

Cooperative Professional Programs

Bachelor’s degrees are offered in cooperation with various professional schools and other institutions. Programs include:
Chiropractic: Western States Chiropractic College
Dental Hygiene: Oregon Institute of Technology
Medical Technology: Oregon Health Sciences University
Optometry: Pacific University
Physics-Engineering: Oregon State University (Dual-degree)

Pre-Professional Programs

One- to four-year preprofessional programs in the following areas are available to students intending to transfer to professional schools:
Chiropractic Medicine
Dental Hygiene
Medical Technology
Medicine and Dentistry
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician’s Assistant
Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, or Human Service
Veterinary Medicine


Accounting, Postbaccalaureate
Applied Cultural Anthropology
Applied Finance and Economics
Business Information Systems
Conflict Resolution
Cultural Resource Management
Interactive Marketing and E-Commerce
International Business
Management of Human Resources
Native American Studies
Nonprofit Management
Regional Studies and Applied Research
Sustainability Leadership

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts in Elementary Education
Master of Science in Elementary Education
Master of Science in Environmental Education
Master in Interdisciplinary Studies
Master of Arts in French Language Teaching
Master in Management
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling
Master of Music: Performance Concentration
Master of Arts in Secondary Education
Master of Science in Secondary Education
Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design
Professional Science Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics