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Reciprocity Agreements

SOU offers reciprocity agreements both to and from select California community colleges. Learn more about our Oregon to California and our California to Oregon Exhange Programs.

Oregon to California Exchange Program

The agreement states that Oregon residents who are certified by Southern Oregon University are eligible to receive California reduced tuition rates at one of the partner schools.The Oregon to California Reciprocity Agreement is an agreement between Southern Oregon University and three community colleges in Northern California: College of the Siskiyous, College of the Redwoods, and Shasta College.

The program is open to all Oregon residents who are first time freshman, transfer, or post-baccalaureate students.
This program is not meant for students seeking California state residency. Students on the program must maintain Oregon residency, and any time spent on this program will not count toward gaining California residency.

All students are required to complete the Exchange Program Application. The applications for College of the Redwoods, College of the Siskiyous, and Shasta College are currently available online.

If you are approved, you will receive a copy of an exchange permit in the mail. The original permit will be sent directly to the partner school you have selected to attend.
If you are not accepted into the program, you will receive a letter in the mail with additional information.

      • The application is good for one partner school only. Submit your application when you know which school you would like to attend.
      • Applying for the exchange permit is separate from applying to the partner school of your choice. Receipt of an exchange permit from Southern Oregon University is not a guarantee of acceptance to the partner school. Please contact the partner school for their admissions information.
      • Our partner schools are on a semester system. To ensure your spot at our partner school and on the exchange program be aware of application deadlines and apply early. For more information about our partner schools please visit their websites:

California to Oregon Exchange Program

Are you a California resident who would like to pay Oregon resident tuition?

Transfer students who have attended College of the Siskiyous, College of the Redwoods or Shasta College, have earned the required number of credits and are California residents who do not have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent number of credits (180 or more) are eligible. 

College of the Siskiyous: You must complete 30 transferable semester credits at College of the Siskiyous and meet the SOU admission standards.
College of the Redwoods: You must complete 60 transferable semester credits at College of the Redwoods and meet the SOU admission standards.
Shasta College: You must complete 30 transferable semester credits at Shasta College and meet the SOU admission standards.

When you are ready to transfer to SOU, submit a completed SOU application, application fee, and all college transcripts. You should request an exchange permit from your California school to pay Oregon tuition at SOU.
Obtaining an exchange permit does not guarantee admission to SOU. Exchange students must meet the special admission requirements for this exchange program.

- Transfers without an AA or AS degree from College of the Siskiyous, College of the Redwoods or Shasta College must have a minimum 2.25 grade point average in all transfer course work.
- Transfers with an AA or AS degree from College of the Siskiyous, College of the Redwoods or Shasta College must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
- All high school graduates from 1997 or later must have completed 2 years of study in a second language in high school or, have completed 2 terms of a second language at the college level with a C- grade or better or, achieve satisfactory performance on an approved second language proficiency assessment.

To remain in good standing in the exchange program you must fulfill all of these requirements:complete a minimum of 12 credits each quarter on the Ashland and/or Medford campuses, stay continuously enrolled Fall, Winter and Spring terms, and remain a resident of California. (Driver's license, car registration, voter's registration etc. must remain in California.)

If you are approved for the California exchange program, you will be eligible to pay Oregon state rates for the remainder of your 4 year degree (minus all transfer credits).

Any time spent at SOU on the exchange program cannot be used to establish residency in Oregon.

Contact the Office of Admissions at 855-470-3377 or e-mail us at