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Southern Oregon University

2008-2013 Catalog Year Requirements: Students must have a total of seven or more credits in Math, designated programming, statistics, or logic classes (see catalog) and a combined total of 48 credits from BS list in catalog.

2007 Catalog Year Requirements:  Students must have a total of eight credits in Math (above 100) or designated logic classes (see catalog) and a combined total of 48 credits from BS list in catalog.

2006 Catalog Year Requirements:  Students must have eight credits of Math (any MTH course above 100), Computer Science (any CS course), or Designated Logic (check catalog for designated logic courses).  In addition, students must complete at least 48 credits of Business, Science, and/or Social Science credits.

2006-2013 Catalog Year Requirements: Complete the equivalent of one year of study of a foreign language at the second-year level or above at Southern Oregon University or another accredited college or university; complete four years of study of a single foreign language at the high school level; or successfully complete a proficiency examination administered by the Foreign Languages and Literatures program. Contact the Foreign Languages and Literatures section of the Language, Literature, and Philosophy Department for information about the proficiency exam.

Majors in Art History and Theater have an option of applying for a BFA.  Students wishing to apply for a BFA need to work through a major advisor and be approved for a BFA program.