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Southern Oregon University

University Studies (SOU's general education program) reflects the faculty’s academic road map for a sound liberal arts education. This is a pathway to the foundational skills and the intellectual development needed to prepare you for an enlightened, productive life in a dynamic, complex world. We hope you enjoy the journey.

University Studies also prepares you for advanced work in your academic majors and to earn a Bachelor’s degree.  It is your responsibility to know and complete all these graduation requirements. The following can be used as a guide to the successful completion of your degree at SOU. 


Click HERE to open a pdf with information about First Year Seminar courses.

Click HERE for the Advising Syllabus with information about SOU's University Studies (General Education) requirements.

Click HERE for the Advising Syllabus with information about SOU's University Studies (General Education) requirements and the transfer options available to students with more than 36 transferrable credits.

The catalog provides the policies and requirements for completing a degree at Southern Oregon University.  Most often students use the catalog they receive when they begin at SOU for their degree.  Students must complete their degree within eight years of catalog issue.  Students may choose to adopt any catalog for which they were admitted and attending, as long as they graduate within eight years of the catalog in use.  What ever catalog a student follows, they must follow it for all requirements (general education, major, minor, BS/BA, etc.).   If you have any questions please contact Academic Support Program advisors for further information.

Follow these links for information about your catalog year requirements:             

Fall 2013-Summer 2014:  New Students  or  Transfer Students

Fall 2012-Summer 2013:  New Students  or  Transfer Students

Fall 2011-Summer 2012:  New Students  or  Transfer Students

Fall 2010-Summer 2011:  New Students  or  Transfer Students

Fall 2009-Summer 2010:  New Students  or  Transfer Students 

Fall 2008-Summer 2009:  New Students  or  Transfer Students

Fall 2007-Summer 2008:  New Students  or  Transfer Students