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Southern Oregon University

Current students interested in an Art major should visit the Creative arts office in AB 117 to complete the major declaration form. The student will receive their assignment of an academic advisor at that time.

The BFA program acts similarly to honors tracks in other areas. There are additional courses and requirements of the majors in this program. Additionally, an overall GPA of 3.25 must be maintained. Applications for the BFA  program are accepted on a quarterly basis. Notification of the open application call will be posted on the main page of this website as well as around the Center for the Visual Arts buildings.

**Please note, you will not see advising sheets for every academic year. This is because there are not changes made every year. Use the advising sheet of the year you entered the major, or the sheet that was just prior to the year you entered if your exact one is not available. For example, a BA or BS student in the studio Art major that started in 2011 would use the 2010 advising sheet.

Mid-Program Review - Fact Sheet

Mid-Program Review - Studio Art

Mid-Program Review - Art History