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Southern Oregon University

Who needs the math placement test?

All students without a qualifying math transfer class or math level must take the math placement test prior to enrolling in a math class at SOU. Math placement scores are good for two years from the date of the exam.

How do I schedule a math placement test?

Please call 541-552-6213 to schedule a math placement test in Academic Support Programs.

Tests will be available on November 3rd, 4th, 5th, and on the 10th, 11th, 12th at either 10:00AM or 1:30PM.

Additional Math Placement testing opportunities are available at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in Medford. If you would like to schedule a math placement test in Medford, please call 541-552-8100.  

What do I need to bring to the math placement test?

At the time of the placement test, you must provide your photo ID. You may bring a calculator to use during the test. If you have taken the math placement test at SOU before, a $10 fee will be charged to your SOU account. Contact us at 541-552-6213 with any questions.

May I have my math placement score sent to another institution?

Yes - if you would like your placement score sent to another institution, please fill out and follow the instructions on this release form:  Request Score - Release Form  Please note that ALL tests taken more than two years ago are void and will not be sent.