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Southern Oregon University

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Austin Roberts

ASSOU - 2013- 2014 Term

Job Description of the Chief of Staff

  • 3.3.1 The Chief of Staff shall work in collaboration with President, CORE Director, and Director of Communication to be the chief liaison with on and off-campus media organizations.
  •  3.3.2 The Chief of Staff will work closely with the CORE Director and Director of Communications to increase the public presence and image of ASSOU
  •  3.3.3 The Chief of Staff shall oversee the operations assisting the ASSOU President and Vice President with the management of staff. 
  •  3.3.4 The Chief of Staff shall chair the Elections Committee and is responsible for the planning and execution of all general and special elections. 
  •  3.3.5 The Chief of Staff will assist staff with campaigns, projects, and events.

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