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Southern Oregon University

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Jacob Rubanowitz

Emma Barry

Lora Stamper


 -   Jacob Rubanowitz


 -   Emma Barry

 EmmaBarry ASSOU Judicial Associate 2015

 -   Lora Stamper

 Lora Stamper

Position Description:  Associate Justices

  • The Associate Justices shall be paid officers of ASSOU.
  • The Associate Justices will attend meetings of the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and any other relevant ASSOU meetings on a rotating basis with the Chief Justice.
  • The Associate Justices shall post and attend office hours in order that they stay accessible for ASSOU and the student body.
  • The Associate Justices shall be  required to attend official branch meetings.
  • One Associate Justice shall be voted Vice-Chair by the rest of the Branch.
  • The Associate Justices shall sit on Student Conduct Boards.

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