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Southern Oregon University

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Sam Longnecker

 At-Large Senator

Major: History

About Me:

Hi, my name is Sam Longnecker and I have had the privilege of serving the students of SOU as the At-Large Senator for the Student Government and Vice Chair of the Student Fee Committee.

I have lived in Southern Oregon for the last 19 years and I can honestly say that this is my home. I love it here! I moved to Oregon from the mountains of Santa Cruz, California back in 1994 and attended Illinois Valley High School. During my attendance, I served as Vice President of many clubs on campus, played Junior Varsity Baseball, and was a member of the school’s Honor Choir. I also served my junior class as Vice President, Master Councilor of Illinois Valley Chapter of DeMolay and attended the American Legion Beaver Boys State.

After high school, I attended Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, where I served as Commissioner of Clubs and Vice President of the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter on campus. I graduated from Rogue Community College in 2001, and then joined the workforce. Like many others when the economy began to decline, I lost the job I had been doing for seven years. After floundering for about three years, I had had enough and decided to go back to school.

I have many friends and some family who are SOU alumni and as I did not want to leave the area, I chose to enroll here. I began attending SOU Fall of 2012 and after my first term I felt like I wanted to give back to my fellow students. SOU has become very special to me with its love and appreciation of diversity and a need to build a brighter and more sustainable future. I got involved in ASSOU because it is the best way to serve the student body that means so much to me. I wanted to make a difference.

Since I joined the ASSOU ranks, the Student Fee has become a priority to me. The Student Fee is an extension of the students’ power; it is our way to enact change and to make our college experience what we want it to be. We all pay the Student Fee and it affects every student on campus, therefore I want to help by seeing it allocated the best way it could. I believe we live in the most beautiful place on earth and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the students of SOU. I hope the students will continue to support me in my efforts to fight for their rights and make SOU the very best it can be.

Humbly yours in service,

Sam Longnecker

Leadership Experience

  • Vice President Junior Clas Illinios Valley High School
  • Master Councilor Illinois Valley Chapter, Order of Demolay
  • Southern Oregon District Representative, Oregon DeMolay
  • State Standard Barer, Oregon DeMolay
  • State First Preceptor, Oregon DeMolay
  • Executive Vice President Alpha Zeta Pi Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Comissioner of Clubs, ASRCC
  • Vice Chair, Studnet Fee Committee
  • Treasurer UNA Club of SOU
  • Vice President Psi Theta Chapter, Alpha Kapa Psi Beta Class
  • Master Mason and Shriner


Constituents include any member of the ASSOU who currently participates in athletic activities, clubs, organizations or programs.  This Senator shall be a Student-Athlete who participates in an athletic program(s) administrated by SOU Athletics.  This Senator shall also be a member of the Athletic Advisory Committee.

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