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Southern Oregon University

Secretary of the Senate

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Leo McCaffrey 2015-16

Megan Davie 2014-15

Katelyn Wright - Drew Kock 2013-14

Job Description for Secretary of the Senate  ASSOU Term 2013 2014

  • The Secretary of the Senate may not be a Senator, but shall be an officer of
    ASSOU and of the Legislative Branch, and this position shall be filled by the ASSOU
    Senate when the position is vacant.
  • The term of office for this position shall be from two weeks following the initial
    election of the Speaker in the spring term, until the same time the following year.
  • The Senate Secretary shall be charged with writing the minutes at all Senate
    meetings, as well as assisting the ASSOU Senate and the Speaker of the Senate with
    managing the business of the body.
  • This officer shall be held to the same conduct standards as all other Senate
    members but shall be a non-voting member of the Legislative Branch.

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