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Southern Oregon University

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Reed Tennyson

ASSOU Term 2014 2015

leg BusinessCommEnvStudies 2014-15 Reed Tennyson

Major: Business    Business Admin

Minor: Sustainability and Leadership

About Me:

Wrestler, I enjoy hunting and fishing. Very open and adventurous individual

Leadership Experience

  • Wrestling team captain.
  • 32 ft Commercial Fishing boat captain    
  • Business, Communications and Environmental Studies


Business, Communication, and Environmental Studies Senator. Constituents include any member of the ASSOU with a registered major, minor or graduate program within the programs of Business; Communication; or Environmental Studies; and any student studying under or affiliated with the Academic Division for Business, Communication, and the Environment. This Senator shall have bi-monthly meetings with the Division Director and regularly attend Director’s Council meetings to encourage collaboration and sharing of information between
ASSOU and the respective academic programs.

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