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Southern Oregon University

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Paige Pinyard leg Env Affairs2014-15 Paige Pinyard

ASSOU Term 2014 2015

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Biology

About Me:

This is my second year at SOU and I am very excited to be working with ASSOU this year! I am passionate about living sustainably and trying to work with everyone to accomplish the goal of sustainable living. I'm also a rugger!    This year I have joined the leadership for the Women's rugby team here at SOU and it has a rewarding experience. I also was an assistant teacher in a preschool for a year. My other experiance with leadership would be running fundraising for trip to Uganda when I was in high school. I have learned that even though it may be tough it is worth it in the end.

Leadership Experience


Environmental Affairs Senator. Constituents include any member of the ASSOU
with an interest in environmental issues. This Senator shall serve as a liaison
between the ECOS Resource Center and ASSOU and shall have bi-monthly
meetings with its coordinator. This Senator shall also sit as a member of the
Environmental Affairs Committee of ASSOU and the Stevenson Union Steering

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