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Southern Oregon University

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Emily Pfeiffer

Gender Equality Sexual Diversity 2014-15 Emily Pfeiffer LegislatorASSOU Term 2014 2015

Major: Psychology

About Me:

I am a sophomore here at SOU. Fresh strawberries are my favorite thing to eat and my spirit animal is a blue footed booby (look them up, they are quite adorable).

Leadership Experience

  • Clip-boarding coordinator for vote,
  • Captian of girls varsity swim and
  • Water polo teams in highschool


Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Senator. Constituents include any member
of the ASSOU who are involved in gender equality and sexual diversity issues.
This Senator shall serve as a liaison between the Gender Sexuality Union, and
ASSOU, as well as the Women’s Resource Center, the Queer Resource Center, and
ASSOU, and shall have bi-monthly meetings with the respective coordinators of
these resource centers. This Senator shall also sit as a member of the
Multicultural Affairs Committee of ASSOU and the Stevenson Union Steering

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