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Southern Oregon University

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Heather Buchananleg Humanities Culture 2014-15 Heather BuchananASSOU Term 2014 2015

Major: Psychology   

Minor:  Spanish

About Me:

I am a sophomore at SOU and I'm also in the Honors College. I love breakfast food, especially crepes. I also like Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  

Leadership Experience

Former Phone banking Coordinator and current Clip-boarding Co-coordinator for the SOU Vote Core Team,
captain of varsity volleyball team in high school, and two time Outdoor School Counselor


Humanities and Culture Senator. Constituents include any member of the ASSOU with a registered major, minor or graduate program within the programs of Anthropology; English; Foreign Languages; Gender Studies and Women’s Studies;Native American Studies; or International Studies; and any student studying under or affiliated with the Academic Division for Humanities and Culture. This Senator shall have bi-monthly meetings with the Division Director and regularlyattend Director’s Council meetings to encourage collaboration and sharing of
information between ASSOU and the respective academic programs.

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