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Southern Oregon University

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Julia Heinlein

leg SpeakerOfSenate2014-15 Julia Heinlein2

ASSOU Term 2014 2015

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Math   

About Me:

    I'm a sophomore at SOU, and I'm studying to be a doctor. I love to meet people, go to beautiful places, and eat pineapple.    

Leadership Experience

  • Editor-in-chief of literary magazine at Gladstone High School,
  • counselor and leadership staff at Trout Creek Bible Camp,
  • Event Coordinator for the OSA Vote Core team,   Senators

Position of Speaker of the Senate included the following duties

1.4.1  The Speaker of the Senate shall serve as the leader, coordinator, and manager of the Senate body and its respective officers, and chair all meetings of the Senate. If neither the Speaker nor the Vice Speaker are available to chair a scheduled meeting of the Senate, then the Speaker may designate a Senator to chair that meeting.
1.4.2  The Speaker shall be elected from the selection of officers within the Senate body in the spring term at the Senate meeting at which the new Senate shall take its oath of office or whenever the position of Speaker is   vacant. this transition between the swearing in of all new Senators and the election of a Senate Speaker, or at any other time that there is neither a Senate Speaker nor a Vice Speaker in office, the acting ASSOU Chief Justice shall serve as the Senate facilitator until a new Speaker is elected.
1.4.3  The election of the Speaker shall be made by a majority vote of the Senate body.  Upon the election of a Senate Speaker, the newly elected Speaker shall resign from their office as “Senator” of their constituency, and shall be known only as the “Speaker of the Senate.”  When the new Speaker of the Senate resigns as “Senator” of their constituency, that vacant Senate seat shall be filled by the Senate in the manner described in Section 4 of these Rules. Upon vacancy of the office of Speaker, the Vice Speaker shall assume that
office upon the majority vote of the Senate body. If the Senate does not vote to confirm the Vice Speaker as the new Speaker of the Senate, then the standard election process for the Speaker shall ensue. In this case, the acting ASSOU Chief Justice shall
facilitate this election process.
1.4.4 The Speaker shall have weekly meetings with the Vice Speaker to prepare for the next upcoming Senate meeting and the general business of the Legislative Branch.
1.4.5 The Speaker shall be a non-voting member of the Senate body, unless in the case of a tie. The Speaker will then cast a tie-breaking vote.
1.4.6 The Speaker of the Senate shall be allowed to sit as a member on designated committees.

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