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Southern Oregon University

Sciences RM 381

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR  97520

(541) 552-6871





Ph.D. North Carolina State University (Entomology) 1999
M.S.  University of Missouri, Columbia (Entomology) 1985
B.S.   University of Idaho (Entomology) 1981


General Biology (Bi101)

Biological Illustration (Bi430/530)

Biostatistics (Bi345)

Entomology (Bi 466/566)


Research Interests

Research interests include investigating bee diversity, population dynamics, and the interactions between bees and bee pathogens or parasites and finding biological alternatives to pesticides for the sustainable control of insects pests on local crops. Current research efforts involve collaborations with Oregon State University, Agricultural Experiment Station (Dr. Richard Hilton) and the Agricultural Research Service - Yakima, WA (Dr. Alan Knight) in investigating the role of plant volatiles (pear esters) in codling moth activity in pears. Other work includes collaborative efforts with University of California - Davis, CA (Dr. Robbin Thorp) in surveying bumble bee populations in northern California and Southern Oregon.



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