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Southern Oregon University


Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Office: CS 212

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR  97520


(541) 552-6519




B.S. Biology (1991) University of Arkansas, Little Rock

M.S. Biology (1993)  University of Memphis

Ph.D. Biology (2000)  University of Alaska, Fairbanks


Evolution (Bi 446/546)

Mammalogy (Bi 415/515)

Principles of Biology (Bi211/212/213)

General Biology (Bi101/102/103)

Research Interests:

Dr. Stone's primary research interests lie in molecular evolution and molecular ecology. Currently, she is investigating ancestral population sizes and colonization patterns of American martens (Martes americana), a medium-sized carnivore, using genetic signatures from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences and nuclear microsatellites. Her research gives insight into western forested refugia that existed during the past glacial cycle. She is also collaborating with Dr. Darlene Southworth to study the dispersal of spores of mycorrhizal fungi by small mammals.



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  • Stone, K. D., R. W. Flynn and J. A. Cook. 2002. Post-glacial colonization of northwestern North America by the forest-associated American marten (Martes americana, Mammalia: Carnivora: Mustelidae). Molecular Ecology, 11:2049-2063. (Abstract)
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  • Stone, K. D. and J. A. Cook. 2000. Phylogeography of black bears (Ursus americanus) of the Pacific Northwest. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 78:1218-1223.  (Abstract)