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Southern Oregon University

It is the policy of SOU to reimburse employees for expenses incurred while traveling on official University business.   Such reimbursements are subject to statutes, agreements/contracts, policies, procedures and budget availability.  Travel per diem rates are typically recommended annually by OUS, on or about January 1st.    If there are changes to the rates being recommended, prior year rates remain in effect until SOU reviews recommendation and approves changes in SOU rates.  At that time, new rates will be updated to this website and will be effective as of SOU approval date.   

Standard as of January 1, 2013

In-State Travel Reimbursement Rates


Meals  & Incidental Expenses  

High-Cost CitiesNone, except Portland Metro



Low-Cost CitiesAll Oregon Cities outside of Portland Metro

Lodging Maximum Allowable $111.00*

(SOU Requires Receipt)

$52.00 Per Diem

Conferences or Travel in Portland Metropolitan Area

Exception:  Lodging at Actual and Reasonable Cost

(Lodging Receipts Required)

$52.00 Per Diem

Click here for guidelines on Meals, Lodging, and Incidental Expenses . 


Out-of-State Travel Travel Reimbursement Rates



Meals & Incidental Expenses

High-Cost Cities

Click here for (OUS Localities Table)

Maximum Allowable

(SOU Requires Receipt)

$65.00 Per Diem

Low-Cost Cities Lodging Maximum Allowable
$111.00*(SOU Requires Receipt)
$52.00 Per Diem
Conferences  Exception:  Lodging at Actual and Reasonable Cost(Lodging Receipts Required)   
Outside of Continental United States (link) Check the Maximum Per Diem rates Outside the Continental United States on the Department of Defense website. Click here for rates and information. Check the Maximum Per Diem rates Outside the Continental United States on the Department of Defense website. Click here for rates and information


Note(s):1-Follow Department Policy Guidelines for travel pre-approval procedures.2-Non-Commercial Lodging Per Diem is $25 per night for reimbursement of overnight stay that does not take place in a commercial lodging establisment and results in economic benefit for the university. 3-Conference Lodging in Portland and out of State are paid at Actual and Reasonable Costs (Lodging Receipts required).  Deductions required for meals provided.4-*Lodging Rates exclude Lodging Tax and that is reimbursed as a Miscellaneous expense.  Refer to Other Travel Expense for details.


Private Car Mileage 

SOU Mileage Rates in effect 04/01/2013 - Reimburse at 56.5 cents per mile(Click here for mileage chart)  
  • 100 miles or more: $34.75/day plus $0.2175 p/mile but should not exceed $0.5650/mile rate below.

    (Note: excludes travel to Deer Creek Ranch or Crater Lake Natl. Park, eff. 1/1/2010)

  • Less than 100 miles: $0.5650/mile.


 Travel Office: Churchill Hall Room 150, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, Oregon 97520
Operating Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (541) 552-6574