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Southern Oregon University


~ 2014-15 Catalog


BA 430A/530A Nonprofit Grant Writing and Government Relations
4 credits

Surveys a nonprofit manager’s primary areas of responsibility, including strategic planning, organizational change and development, locating and securing grants and developing outcome based assessment tools. Emphasis is on assessing and evaluating grant based programs (Cross-listed with BA 530A, PS 430A and PS 530A.)

BA 430B/530B Nonprofit Volunteerism, Board Development and Community Mobilization
2 credits

A survey of the nonprofit manager's primary areas of responsibility in leading volunteers and volunteer management, board development and management.  Emphasis is on the importance of strategically mobilizing community involvement.  (Cross-listed with BA 530B, PS 430B and PS 530B.)

BA 460B/560B Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Management
4 credits

Focuses on the theory and practice of accounting and financial management for not-for-profit organizations. Helps students learn about the nature and responsibilities of financial management in the nonprofit sector. Studies accrual, modified accrual, and cash-basis accounting systems, as well as the use of fund accounting. Emphasizes understanding and interpretation of nonprofit financial statements, risk management, the art of building budgets, and the importance of financials in managing an organization and nonprofit board. Open to all majors.

BA 468/568 Principles of Marketing, Public Relations and Fundraising
2 credits

Introduces fundraising, marketing and public relations principles and reviews important techniques and practices. Explores the relationship between fundraising, public relations and marketing. Emphasis is on the importance of an agency's overall connection with the community. Key principles such as readiness, ethical standards, and donor management are covered. Addresses concepts and practices, including building community awareness, client awareness, direct and indirect methods of solicitation, annual funds, special events, and capital campaigns.

BA 480/580 Nonprofit Theory and Leadership
4 credits

Introduces the important social, political, and economic aspects of organizations and activities in the third, or "independent," sector. The nonprofit sector is neither government nor business, but reflects an important part of our national economy. Explores the size, scope, history, and important structural dimensions of the sector. Using regional nonprofit leaders as class speakers, students are exposed to differing styles and common practices used to lead in this sector.  Approved for University Studies (Integration) Strand I.

BA 409/509  Internship
4 credits

Offers opportunities to explore the nonprofit field and apply new knowledge and skills in a real-world environment. Provides invaluable firsthand experience in a nonprofit organization leading to an in-depth understanding of the field. Allows students to network with community nonprofit leaders. Students are required to complete a total of 180 hours of work in an organization approved for internships by the School of Business and are encouraged to extend their internships over at least two terms. Internships require the approval of the program coordinator.

Approved Elective
4 credits

Courses approved for elective credit are offered in Business, Communication, Psychology, Political Science, Health, Applied Media, and Writing.  See Catalog for detailed list.

24 Total Credits