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Southern Oregon University

(Spring Term Course, 1 credit)

Jane Picknell


Course Description and Outcomes

This course emphasizes developing persuasive business writing techniques. Do you have a broad range of writing tools? Does your writing accomplish your goals? Can you make your writing clearer and more persuasive? This 1-credit course will apply the principles of persuasion, rhetorical analysis and audience analysis to business writing including but not limited to resumes, letters, memos, proposals and performance evaluations. This class meets 3 times for 3 hours each. Participants will write and revise persuasive documents related to their work performance and participate in online discussions. The total time commitment for this course is 40 hours.

The 45 credit MiM curriculum consists of the following components:

  1. A set of interdisciplinary core courses totaling 26 credits which all students will take. These courses are designed to impart universal management skills reflecting today's best practices. The core courses are:
    • Budget and Finance
    • Strategic Management
    • Practical Research, Analysis, and Decision Making
    • Management Information Systems
    • Organizational Leadership and Communication
    • The Human Resource Environment
    • Marketing for Public and Private Organizations
    • Legal Issues in Management
    • Management Seminar Series
  1. At least 16 credits in a specialization area defined according to management sector (commercial, government, or nonprofit); discipline (arts, business, government, health, social services); or skill area (marketing, budgeting, personnel management, etc.). Courses that are appropriate to these specialization areas are determined in consultation with the program staff.
  2. Three credits in a capstone project designed to demonstrate a comprehensive command of the professional competencies learned in the program.

Transfer of credit for graduate study completed prior to entrance in the MiM program is evaluated for acceptance on a case-by-case basis consistent with existing SOU policy.


Participants are encouraged to seek out elective courses which complement their career and professional interests. Syllabi are posted here as they become available for courses which might be of particular interest to MiM participants.