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Southern Oregon University

SOU’s Information Technology staff bring their organizational training expertise to your staff with fun, quick-paced and immediately applicable classes. Bring your entire office staff to the SOU computer lab for hands-on workshops. Choose from the following topics:

Office 2007: An Introduction
Office 2007: Word Tips and Tricks
Office 2007: Excel Introduction
Office 2007: Excel Tips and Tricks
Office 2007: PowerPoint Introduction
Mobile Computing: Understand your Laptop

Here’s what other businesses say about John Stevenson’s workshops:

“Excellent instruction and instructor”
“Amazing, entertaining”
“This was the most entertaining and knowledgable class I have ever had!”
“The material was organized and easy to understand”
“Information well presented and relevant”
“Easy language, just perfect speed and level”
“Tailored to give us the tools we need”

Workshops can be one, two, or three hours long, on individual applications or a combination of applications. They can be held at your site or at the SOU Computing Lab. These workshops are perhaps the most cost-effective, useful, entertaining and team-building thing you will do for your employees this year! Call 552-6899 or email for more information.