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Southern Oregon University

Notetaking services are an accommodation beneficial for a number of highly varied disabilities.

At SOU, our notetakers are students taking the same course as a student requesting the service, with the same stakes for having good notes. The students are required to physically attend the classes.

Our notetakers are usually highly motivated, thorough students who want to make a difference in their community.

Notetakers are paid student employees. They are paid 15 minutes per class meeting for their time in uploading the notes that they take. For example, a class that meets MWTF would be paid 1 hour per week. In addition, notetakers receive Priority Registration for the next term.

Notetakers scan or type their own class notes and upload them to our database. The requesting student's identity is kept confidential throughout this process, though the student has every right to choose to identify themselves to the notetaker if desired.

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Want to be a Notetaker?

It's simple! You'll be asked for your contact information and CRN #'s of the classes you are taking. We'll then get in touch with you if there's a match between one or more classes you're taking and the classes we need covered.

Click on the graphic to the left or find the AIMS sign-in page and locate the tab to the right of the login that says 'Notetaker, Sign Up!' Click on it & fill out the requested information.

Sure! Take notes by hand, if that's your thing, or use a laptop or other device. Notetakers are also eligible to borrow an AlphaSmart for the term, allowing you a quick and easy way to take your notes and upload them for the student who needs them and yourself! Click on the graphic to get started.