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Southern Oregon University

The School of Education at Southern Oregon University is proud of their partnership with Klamath County and Klamath City Schools!  Together, we strive to offer residents of Klamath Falls opportunities to pursue a career in Teaching. 

The demand for skilled teachers is growing, not only locally, but nationally - so if you dream of becoming a teacher, let SOU help you.  Our commitment is to help place you in Klamath Falls for your teaching assignment - so you can be a part of your community and build the networks that open employment opportunities.

We hope you continue to look to Southern Oregon University for your educational needs throughout your teaching career! 

 Elementary Education (EE) Bachelor's degree with Initial Teaching License

This program is designed for students that want to teach at the Early Childhood/Elementary level with a Bachelor's degree.  It is available on the Ashland Campus.  Several local Community Colleges have Early Childhood programs that transfer easily into the EE.

Early Childhood Development Bachelor's Degree (does NOT have an Initial Teaching License) 

This degree option is designed for people that would like to teach in pre-Kindergarten settings like HeadStart or become administrators in these kinds of settings.

Master of Arts in Teaching with Initial Teaching License (MAT)

 This degree option is for students that have completed their Bachelor's degree and desire to earn a Master's degree with their Initial Teaching License.  Students can choose to be authorized in Early Childhood/Elementary, Elementary/Middle, or Middle/High levels.  For the Middle/High level, students must have their Bachelor's degree in the subject area they want to teach in.  

Full-time, One-year program is offered on the Ashland Campus.

Part-time, Two-year program is offered online and on the Medford & Ashland Campuses.  Face-to-face classes are taught one night a week and one Saturday a month - to help accomodate the working adult.  During the second year of the program, students START student teaching, and evelunatly, by the Spring quarter, they need to dedicate themselves full-time to the program.

Full-time, One-year program in Klamath Falls offers classes in Klamath Falls and Ashland - depending on the course content.  Only students desiring the Early Childhood/Elementary license can apply for this option.

Special Education Master of Education (MEd)

This program prepares students to work in Special Education classrooms in the K-12 school district.  The program is full-time, one-year and offered on the Ashland Campus or through two-way video to Klamath Falls. Student teaching and field experiences occur in local schools.


Master of Education/Continuing Teaching License (MEd/CTL)

This program is designed for the inservice teacher that desires a Master's of Education/Continuing Teaching License and/or Professional Development.  Classes are taught online and through two-way video to Oregon Institute of Technology.

Endorsement Areas 

Endorsements are available in Reading through ReadOregon, English Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual (ESOL), and Special Education.