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Southern Oregon University

To have an MAT informational packet and/or an application (available after October 1, 2015) mailed to you , contact:
Anita Caster, 541-552-6996,

MAT Admissions Advisors

Early Childhood/Elementary

Megan Farnsworth, 541-552-8390,  


Megan Farnsworth, 541-552-8390,    


Endorsement Area Advisors by Subject

MAT Program Coordinator

Early Childhood/Elementary/Middle 

Linda Hilligoss, 541-552-6340,    


Jesse Longhurst, 541-552-6312,    

For questions regarding licensure

Licensure Specialist for the School of Education 

Margaret Wright at 541-552-6938,

Division Director 

Dr. John King,