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Southern Oregon University


The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program offers a coordinated series of learning experiences, built upon a conceptual framework grounded in social constructivism and organized around themes of reflection, decision-making, facilitation, continuous learning, research, leadership, and collaboration. The program has a strong connection with public schools and emphasizes the importance of providing pre-service teachers with multiple opportunities for observation, interaction, reflection, facilitation, instruction, collaboration, and leadership in a P-12 learning community.

The authorization levels for an Initial teaching license in Oregon are:

  • Early Childhood (ages 3 years through grade 4)
  • Elementary (grades 3 through 8)
  • Middle School (grades 5 through 9)
  • High School (grades 7 through 12)

Students entering the MAT program will choose two adjacent authorization levels in which they intend to be licensed. The three options are:

  • Early Childhood/Elementary
  • Elementary/Middle School
  • Middle School/High School

Upon completion of the MAT program, students receive a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and an Oregon Initial Teaching License for teaching at two authorization levels.Southern Oregon University now offers the MAT Program in two configurations:

Full-Time MAT Program 

The Full-Time MAT program is a one-year, full-time graduate program, beginning mid-June and ending the following July. This program has been recognized for its high quality in preparing teachers for today's public schools regionally, state-wide, and nationally. See sample schedule. PDF

Two-Year MAT Program

The Two-Year MAT program is a 21-month graduate program, starting each year in mid-June. The program is designed to be less-intensive in the first year as students take two classes per quarter. Both of these classes are offered in hybrid formats, partially in-person and partially on-line. In the first year of the program, students are expected to meet for classes one evening each week and one Saturday each month. During the second year of the program , students will spend time working in public school classrooms which will require more intensive commitments especially during half-day student teaching and full-day student teaching. As much as possible, MAT Two-year program courses are offered at the SOU campus in Medford. However, some courses will meet at the SOU campus in Ashland.  See sample schedule. PDF