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Southern Oregon University

Fall 2014 Master in Education/Professional Development courses

The Master in Education is a versatile graduate degree which allows students to develop a personalized program of study to meet their personal and professional goals. Students can choose classes within or across areas of emphasis. For assistance registering for classes, contact the Enrollment Services Center at 541-552-6600 or


ED 507 Innovations in Education—HEC—Saturdays 10/18, 11/15, 12/6 8:00-4:00  crn 2279 (CCSS)
This course will explore the ecosystems of education and leadership approaches for engaging within the systems. Students will take a deep dive into researching a learning community that they are passionate about (case study). Entrepreneurial pathways in education will be investigated, including online learning, informal learning, charter schools and communities of practice. For a final project, each student will develop and present a proposal for an innovative learning project.


ED 507 Technology Infused Project-Based Learning—Online crn 1877 (CCSS)
In this introduction to project-based learning with technology, the goal is to develop the educator's knowledge and understanding for using multi-task inquiry-based activities in the classroom. Project-based learning is a pedagogical approach that emphasizes student-driven inquiry and problem solving, and parallels the way in which project teams are organized in the workplace. This course will focus on a project plan that emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Technology applications will be used extensively, including productivity tools, multimedia, and Web 2.0 applications.


READ 515 ECE Foundations in Literacy—Online crn 1745 (CCSS)
READ 580 Leadership in Reading—Online crn 1746 (CCSS)


Ed 527 Child Abuse & Neglect—Online crn 12278


SPED 536 IEP Development—Saturday afternoons* crn 1906 (CCSS)
SPED 532 Administration & Interpretation of Assessment—Saturday mornings* crn 1852
SPED 535 Intervention/Functional Skills—Friday evenings* crn 1847
SPED 557 Current Issues in SPED—Online crn 1853 (CCSS)
SPED 562 Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder—Saturdays* crn 1854


ED 507 Health/Safety/Nutrition for the Young Child—Online crn 1823

ED 507 Infant/Toddler Development -- Online crn 1736

ED 580 Foundations in Early Childhood—Online crn 1728

ED 584 Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education—Online crn 1731
ED 593 Observation & Evaluation in Early Childhood Education—Online crn 1734


ED 543 Foundation in Second Language—2-way video—Mfd, Ash, GP—Tues 4:30-7:20*
ED 544 Strategies & Material in Second Language—2-way video-Mfd, Ash, GP—Wed 4:30-7:20*

* visit for specific days, times, locations, and crn
(CCRR) Courses include Common Core State Standards in the curriculum