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Financial Assistance

Graduate assistantships, scholarships, and other financial aid are available to graduate students in the Environmental Education Masters program. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for a complete list of the possibilities.

Note:  If you plan to start during the summer term, be sure to fill out FAFSA from two years prior to your entry year, as well as the year prior.  For example, if you plan to start in 2015, fill out FAFSA for years 2013 and 2014.  The 2013 FAFSA will determine financial aid eligibility for the summer term. 

Graduate Assistantships in the Environmental Education Program:

Four one-year (three academic quarters) graduate assistantships are available through the Environmental Education Master’s program. Graduate assistantships work between 8-10 hours per week and earn 80% tuition remission of the in-state tuition rate and a monthly stipend.  Depending on the position, responsibilities may include managing the Siskiyou Environmental Education Center (SEEC), developing activities and curricula, delivering programs, writing grants, and working with area educators and environmental education providers. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for full position descriptions.  There are possible additional work opportunities with stipends to teach General Biology labs for those with sufficient background in biology.

EE students in the field

To Apply for Graduate Assistantships:

Please send a letter of intent outlining your qualifications for an assistantship position. Your letter should highlight experience and skills that are pertinent to the position but may not be apparent in your other application materials. Letters received before the January 15th deadline will receive priority.

The application letter should be sent to:

Siskiyou Environmental Education Center
S.T.E.M. Division
Southern Oregon University

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, Oregon 97520

Out-of-State Applicants:

The Environmental Education Masters program is a member of the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)  as of 2013. Membership in WRGP makes it possible for some Environmental Education Masters students from the 15 western states in WRGP's range to pay in-state tuition at SOU.  Please indicate your state of residence on your application or in your environmental essay to help us determine your eligibility for WRGP.  

For more information:

Call (541) 552-6876


Mail the Siskiyou Environmental Education Center at the above address.

Scholarships, Loans and Grants:

Various scholarships, loans and grants are also available. A current list can be found in the Financial Aid website.  Also check out the Southern Oregon Scholarship Application.