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Southern Oregon University

Severe weather conditions can occur suddenly. Severe weather in this area will may be an accumulations of snow and ice, heavy rains, and/or high winds.  

Personal Safety

Snow and Ice
If possible, walk only on paths that have been cleared or sanded. Wear appropriate footwear that provides traction when walking. Stay clear of sagging or downed power lines. Heavy snow and ice may cause tree limbs to fall, therefore avoid areas with heavy concentrations of trees. Use extreme caution when driving.  

Heavy rains and flooding
In the case of extensive roof or window leaks or imminent flooding of ground areas, unplug electrical devices and secure all equipment by moving or covering it. Take appropriate actions to secure vital records and chemicals.

High Winds
If possible, remain inside the building away from windows. When outside, avoid areas with heavy concentration of trees. Stay clear of sagging or downed power lines.  

Quickly spreading grass and wild land fires are a serious threat to the campus. If a warning is sent to evacuate due to a nearing fire, leave immediately.