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Southern Oregon University


Our students continue their active pursuit of literature and writing related activities after they graduate. Our alumni work in fields ranging from teaching on all levels to writing within different genres to editing for a wide variety of presses.

Many students come to Southern Oregon University for the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT), choosing English and Writing as their major. Kayla Stanley, a 2012 graduate in the English Education concentration, traveled to Korea to teach English this year, before (we hope) returning to join the MAT program next year. She wrote from Korea, “I just want to touch bases and tell you that South Korea is absolutely amazing. I have a brilliant (and adorable) group of students and some very friendly co-workers. I recently finished my online TEFL certification, and seriously, everything I learned during my capstone made the TEFL much less overwhelming and way more enjoyable. Thank you!”

We recently heard from another 2012 graduate:

Dear Dr. Alvarez:

Hello from one of your former students! I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in class and as an advisor. I just got hired in Portland as an editorial assistant for The World Forestry Center! It's full-time, full benefits and pays well. I will be editing the publication Northwest Woodlands Magazine and working on the upper floors of an arbor museum. I am really excited. I hope you are doing well.

Annie Tomlinson

Maymi became a teacher and is now moving into social work:


I would just like to thank you all: my former teachers and co-workers for helping me get into the Masters in Social Work program at HSU. I start in January, and they also gave me a scholarship to pay for half! I'm so excited and grateful to be back in school and learn more to bring back to the rivers. Yootva, yootva, and thank you.

Happy Holidays,
Maymi Preston-Donahue

When asked what advice they would give incoming students, both Model Railroad News editor Jennifer Lindsay and Redding news director Gerard Olson, say, "Be open minded." Lindsay credits her varied education for making her "the well-rounded and confident person [she has] become." Olson tells future students not to "be angry at critical theory; you'll come to love it." He is preparing to enter the MFA in Critical Studies program at the California Institute of the Arts.

Robert Felthousen went on to use his English and Writing degree to teach Dental Assistant classes and work as a Library Assistant at Rogue Community College. In his career, Felthousen says he "really relies on the effective communication skills [he] learned at SOU." He advises students to "read everything, love your library, and push the boundaries of your writing."

If you are alumni or know any alumni, we would like to hear how you use your English and Writing degree. Either contact your favorite faculty member or the webmaster at