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Southern Oregon University

Matriculation Fee

$300.00 one time
What types of things get funded?
Matriculation Fees are assessed one time to all new and transfer students and fund admissions, advising, orientation, and academic support services.

Health Service Fee
$119.00 per term(for students registered for at least 4 credits)
What types of things get funded?
Health Service fees support student health services including counseling services, free office visits, health and wellness programming, and reduced pricing for services and products such as prescriptions, lab work, and special procedures.

Who determines how the money is spent?
Staff at the Student Health and Wellness Center, with student input from surveys and other devices.

Incidental Fee
$307.00 per term (prorated for part-time students)
What types of things get funded?
Programs funded include intercollegiate and club sports, clubs, multicultural unions, Siskiyou newspaper, theater arts and music department events, ASSOU, Stevenson Union operation. Over 70 programs all together.

Who determines how the money is spent?
The Student Fee Committee and 3 subcommittees, comprised almost entirely of student Senators and students at large, make a recommendation to ASSOU Student Senate.

Green Tag Fee
$13.00 per term (included with Incidental Fee)
What types of things get funded?
The fee offsets 100% of SOU's water consumption through the purchase of Water Restoration Certificates from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the remainder of the fund is used to support clean energy projects and student sustainability projects.

Who determines how the money is spent?
The fee was established by the Green Energy Referendum and was approved by 85% of voting students.

Building Fee
$45.00 per term (prorated for part-time students)
What types of things get funded?
Meyer Fitness Center expansion; Academic Support Programs expansion; Stevenson Union expansion.

Who determines how the money is spent?
A committee made up entirely of students makes a recommendation to the university administration.

How can I have more input into how these funds are spent?

  • Vote in student government elections to help determine the people who will allocate these fees.
  • Run for a senate seat yourself.
  • Let one of your student senators know how you feel about how the money is allocated.
  • Apply to sit on one of the fee committees.
  • Come to a fee committee or senate meeting. They are open to the public and meeting dates are published in the Siskiyou newspaper.

Contact ASSOU (Student Government) for more information on getting involved in the allocation of your fees and the governance of your university:

James K. Sours Student Leadership Office
Student Activities & Leadership Office: 552-6221, SU Room 312

Associated Students of Southern Oregon University
Stevenson Union Room 308
President & VP: 552-6653
Cabinet: 552-6655
Senate: 552-6028

Southern Oregon University reserves the right to make changes as needed to this schedule of fees.