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Southern Oregon University

Rough First Term? Get a Mentor!

The First Year Mentor Program (FYMP) is committed to strengthening the first year experience by connecting students with an academically successful mentor who is an established student leader. The mentoring program pairs first year students with returning students in order to assist, connect, and increase retention rates for students from first year to second year. Through this relationship, our goal is to provide an increased sense of connection with the diverse and inclusive community at SOU and improve the personal and academic success of first year students.

Get a Mentor

A mentee is a student who is new to SOU, whether they are new to college, a transfer student, a veteran, or anything in between. The only requirement is that it is the student's first year at SOU. Fill out this quick application to get a mentor.

Become a Mentor

A mentor is a student who has succeeded in at least one academic year at SOU, and is interested in helping other students succeed as well. Fill out this quick application to become a mentor.

Get Involved!


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Mentor Program Contact

First Year Mentor Program
Sours Student Leadership Center, SU 308
(541) 552-8452