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Southern Oregon University

History Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of History and Political Science at Southern Oregon University is to support the University’s general education program, educate citizens for active participation in a democratic society, and provide advanced courses for students wishing to make History and/or Political Science the major focus of their baccalaureate program. Such students include those who wish to make a profession of teachers or practitioners, as well as those who wish to use their studies as a springboard for professional training in law, business, government service, or education.

To this end, the Department offers courses that help fulfill SOU general education and elective requirements for many programs and major and minor requirements. Courses are geared toward American Government, American and World History, Public Administration, etc., all within the context of a comprehensive Liberal Arts Education.

The mission of the history program is twofold: to support SOU’s University Studies program and to teach advanced courses for students desiring to make history the major focus of their baccalaureate program. To this end, the history program offers courses that help fulfill SOU University Studies requirements, elective requirements for many other programs, and requirements for a major or minor in history.

The mission of the political science program is to promote in our students an appreciation for the rich history and dynamics of political thought and life. Political science at SOU encourages an awareness of our students’ obligations as citizens, their potential as active participants in public life, and their connections through political and cultural institutions to the rest of the world.

Southern Oregon University's connection with the Universidad de Guanajuato will be celebrated on both campuses during 2009. As part of the anniversary program, Dr. Gary Miller, chair of the Department of History and Political Science, is writing a history covering the program from its inception to today. We need the help of former and current participants to include as wide a range of source material as possible. If you are an alumnus of the Guanajuato Exchange Program, please take a minute to complete the survey by clicking on this link. You will remain anonymous, even if you include your name for further contact information.