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Southern Oregon University

Below you will find a few common and helpful forms we use in Family Housing. If you have any questions about these forms or anything else, please give our office a call at 541-552-6371.


Policy Petition Form

All Residents at Family Housing have the option to waive all or part of the stipulations of the rental agreement and/or specific Family Housing policies. The most common policy petition forms we see are: waivers of late fees for non payment of rent and approval to have more than 2 adults in an apartment. All petitions will be decided in a timely manner. If a petition is denied, the resident has the opportunity to forward said petition to the Housing Policy Committee who has the final say on the matter. Requests to have a petition heard by the committee must be done in writing.

Rental Payment Plan

If you are late or know you are going to be late paying your monthly rent, please fill out the following online form and submit it before the 8th of the month.

2014-2015 Rental Agreement

The rental agreement linked above is effective September 1, 2014. If you have any questions about specific policies or provisions in the rental agreement, please call our office at 541-552-6371 and we would be happy to assist you.

Policy and Procedure Booklet

The Policy and Procedure Booklet details many of the provisions laid out in the rental agreement but also small, day-to-day operational policies that are not appropriate to put in a rental agreement but are still operating policies at Family Housing, such as: where a resident may wash his or her car, information on parking, what happens after graduation, etc.

Pet Policy Booklet and Application

Absent a determination by the department of Disability Resources that an animal constitutes reasonable accomodations, no unapproved pets are allowed in Family Housing. Please look through the booklet and application linked above for information on approved and unapproved pets at Family Housing. In general, all animals (except service/therapy animals) must be under 35 pounds, and over 1 year of age. Furthermore, all animals (including service/therapy animals) must be under the control of their owner at all times (this means NO outside cats and dogs on a leash at all times). If you are interested in getting a pet while at Family Housing, please look through the booklet and submit the preliminary application. University Housing staff will get back to you and let you know if your request to get an animals has been approved or denied. It is helpful in the approval process if you can provide all the required documentation up front.

Couple's Affidavit

This form is used for applicants or residents who are either unable to get married or choose not to get married but want to be considered as married in consideration of their priority on the waiting list. This forms details required documentation and what it means to be a domestic partner versus a boyfriend or girlfriend.

30-day Notice to Vacate

Family Housing is month to month. This mean, in order to move, you must submit a 30 day notice to vacate. Current residents are required to submit the form above to provide the University Housing office with an official 30-day notice to be out of their apartment. Verbal notices that a resident is planning on moving will not be accepted.

Checkout Booklet

This is a helfpul booklet that details most potential costs for cleaning, damages, and labor associated with checkouts. This booklet does not include all costs and should be used as a guide to estimate potential moving costs from damages and cleaning. The booklet also provides important information on how to checkout, including how to schedule a walkthrough.